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Execute Your Gameplan with aiPlaybooks

Redefine your learning strategy by turning 

learners into doers

Digital Natives

90 Second

Attention Span


of All Workers

47 Hours

Annual Training

Instant Mobile Microlearning

Engage new and future generations of “Digital Natives” to learn anything. Anywhere. Anytime.
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PlayMakerIQ is a very unique, new enterprise class solution that has inserted itself into the massive gap between workforce productivity tools and eLearning solutions. PlaymakersIQ's difference is its' focus on eEnablement. Which means PlayMakerIQ is optimized for short-form content to mobile devices and creating an on-the-go and/or location agnostic experience that effectively guides users in moment of need-- the parallelism of learning and doing in the flow work.


Are your learners getting things done?

Are your teams asking the same questions
Are your teams asking the same questions?

Your executives waste time repeatedly answering the same questions

training actually work?.png
Does onboarding and 
training actually work?

Your teams aren't productive when they don't know what to do and are left searching for answers

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Is your knowledge hidden in a folder?

Your on-the-go teams are not productive when answers to their questions are inaccessible

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All-In-One Cloud Platform

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Coaching Suite

The coaching suite is where your experts easily create, share, curate and collaborate across playbook learning paths.

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aiPlaybooks are where your doers find answers about your institutions processes, people and information on the job.

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