PlayMakerIQ Business Value

More efficient on-the-job learning. Higher-performing employees. Obsolete information banished, reducing errors and downtime. More satisfied customers. PlayMakerIQ creates all the expected forms of business value – and some that may surprise you.

A Mobile Always-On Resource

Information critical to the business is accessed and delivered via secure smartphone app in compact, user-friendly doses. Playbooks are always live and updatable by authorized editors. Information delivered via PlayMakerIQ need never grow stale or corrupted.

PlaymakerIQ is optimized for smartphones, and smartphones are always at hand. The mobile-first strategy means remote workers are not stranded lacking information they need, and reduces their dependence on mental recall of past trainings.

Live Knowledgebase

Traditional training media are fated to grow obsolete. Briefing books are forgotten; videos expire as the enterprise evolves. PowerPoints must be revised with effort.

PlayMakerIQ is designed to minimize the negative impact in the workplace of inoperative or dated information. The platform puts a live, dynamic knowledgebase at the fingertips of workers who need it – wherever they may be. They no longer risk referring to erroneous data or frustration due to version conflicts.

Access Control

PlayMakerIQ puts critical information in the hands of those that need it, when and where they need it – and nobody without a need to know. Security is paramount. Content can be accessed, authored, or updated only by authorized, qualified users.

While PlayMakerIQ leverages some of the friendly, gamified, “sticky” characteristics of social media, it is more controlled-access data vault than free-range wiki. Easy to use? Yes. Easy to drill inside without permission? Anything but.

Artificial Intelligence

PlayMakerIQ puts cognitive computing – AI, situational intelligence, and more – in users’ hands.

When AI acts on Playbook content, user profiles, and other information sources, Playbooks become dynamic learning tools. The platform processes “how-to” questions. It presents newer and more helpful answers and resolves data conflicts. Intelligent search functionality combs the relevant knowledgebase to embed current information within the Playbook.

Adaptive learning techniques give each user a personalized, responsive experience.

Training Efficiency

PlayMakerIQ means an organization can spend less on costly “everyone-into-the-room” training events. Offsites and retreats may remain, but PlayMakerIQ and Playbooks reduce the need to cycle teams through multi-day training events to launch a new product or initiative.

Time is precious. Today’s average worker devotes less than one percent of work time to learning new information. PlayMakerIQ makes the most of those minutes. Analyses developed for customers suggest PlayMakerIQ can cut training time by 25 percent with the same results.

In general terms, IMM training materials are estimated to cost half the production budget for traditional training media – and take half the time.