Instant Mobile Micro-Learning. Here and Now.

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PlayMakerIQ: a mobile social platform driving more agile, efficient information management in modern distributed work environments. It’s designed for today’s born-digital workers who prefer new instructional and training models, but it generates old-school business value.

We call it a new category of enterprise data resource: IMM, for Instant Mobile Micro-Learning. You can call it transformational.

PlayMakerIQ and its custom directories of “Playbooks” — step-by-step guides to critical policies and tasks — constitute an always-on, always current, go-anywhere secure knowledgebase. And the next wave in enterprise content management.


A New Era. A New Value Proposition.


It’s perhaps the biggest challenge organizations face today, especially those with a distributed workforce. How to securely propagate consistent, accurate information to the people who need it, wherever they are, using a system that stimulates retention and collaboration and drives business value?

PlayMakerIQ is a next-wave mobile platform that upgrades the way authorized workers access and share critical data. It’s optimized not only for efficiency and security, but for the way today’s workers learn new skills. Simply put, adopting PlayMakerIQ makes people and organizations more productive and profitable.

A Learning Accelerator

Instant Mobile Micro-Learning is a category of learning solution for today’s speed-oriented, multitasking, collaborative workplace. (Micro-Learning: teaching and delivering content in small, very specific bursts.) PlayMakerIQ leverages some familiar virtues of social media in an access-controlled platform that accelerates learning and doing across any organization.

PlayMakerIQ reduces information transfer costs; in fact, it requires a fraction of the time and budget consumed by traditional solutions. These factors poise PlayMakerIQ to lead the growing IMM market.

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