PlayMakerIQ™ is a social platform for the growing know-how economy, a platform that is intelligent, open, agile, and customer-oriented. Our platform captures legacy knowledge and creates a new marketplace for sharing expertise quickly and easily. It is the world’s first and only market platform to monetize, leverage and curate stranded human knowledge. PlayMakerIQ serves a vast community of individuals and businesses using intelligent mobile technology. It codifies existing books, articles, and electronic media, as well as corporate learning and development (not to mention know-how locked up in people’s minds) into executable step-by-step guides. These guides, called PlayBooks, are user-configurable, context-aware, Artificial Intelligence-enhanced, and highly intuitive. 

PlayBooks are not documents. PlayBooks are a transformational type of guide breaking down a project into a waterfall series of smaller instructions and resources, which flow into the desired objective. They help users execute both simple and complex activities – faster and better.

By engaging a PlayBook, customers take control of sequential instructions and resources with real time access to information - when, where and by whom it is needed. PlayMakerIQ platform will change the way people everywhere connect with know-how. By combining commerce, social-sharing, cloud-based computing, structured content and artificial intelligence (AI), PlayBooks will transform how mobile devices are used.