With the vast digital world at our fingertips, how do people zero in on relevant, trustworthy data? How do they absorb useful information more quickly and efficiently?

The answer: a new delivery vehicle for critical material. A vehicle rich with expertly edited content and unmatched usability. An inherently secure platform that inspires trust amid oceans of sketchy, hard-to-verify material. A system that addresses the two biggest questions of today’s information era: how do we retrieve what we need more efficiently? And how do we know it’s legitimate?

Based on your personal talents and expertise, what topic could you teach to others?
PlayMakerIQ is a new mobile-learning system. It transforms the creation, modification, and delivery of instructional content in the enterprise, making it more efficient, mobile, and effective. The PlayMakerIQ proposition has disruptive potential for any individual or businesses engaged in complex information transfer. It is poised to become the world’s default operating system for getting things done.

By engaging a playbook, customers take control of sequential instructions and resources with real time access to information – when, where and by whom it is needed. PlayMakerIQ will change the way people everywhere connect with know-how. By combining commerce, social-sharing, cloud-based computing, structured content and artificial intelligence (AI), Playbooks will transform how mobile devices are used.