Management Team

John Whitcomb, CEO
John is a successful entrepreneur and revered thought leader who has worked with numerous start‐ups as well as Fortune 100 and Global 1000 companies. He has advised on advanced technology implementation for AT&T, Boeing, Cisco, Compaq, Delta Airlines, Duke Energy, Goldman Sachs, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Sprint, T‐Mobile, Telecom Egypt, the White House, US Navy, IRS, US AID, NRO, and NASA. John has developed Big Data and Cloud-based business intelligence solutions for the world’s largest IT networks and is an expert in educational media technology.

Nino Pero, Vice President
As a brand strategist and visual communications expert in digital and print media, Nino has won such industry honors as the Award of Distinction for the Denver International Airport branding system. His expertise includes identity and logo development, collateral and brochure design, photo-illustration, and design guideline documents. On the digital side Nino is known for outstanding website design, interactive mapping, user interface design, and information architecture.

David M. Talon, Business Growth
David has 25 years of global business experience, from deep consulting experience with early stage, rapid-growth companies to mid-level corporate executive positions. As a Managing Partner at iGrowth Strategies, David focuses on international strategic development, growth strategy and execution, market penetration, sales and marketing. David is also Managing Director at AEA Advisors, where he works with clients to optimize their executive summaries, pitch decks, business plans and due diligence packets in order to increase investment attraction. He’s managed business growth and communication optimization projects in more than 55 countries.

Anna Evans, VP Engineering & Product
Anna is responsible for managing the PlayMakerIQ team delivering the company’s platform software products. She provides expertise and leadership skills in engineering, product and project management and supply chain management. Anna’s professional passion is working with teams on unique solutions, products, and business models while meeting the unique needs of business lines and individuals. Her ability to align marketing, sales, and customer requirements is key to the company’s ability to scale. She is also a laser physicist and fluent in Russian.


Board of Directors

John Elms
John is president and CEO of Connexall USA, Inc, a leader in networking solutions for health care, and has spent 25 years in senior management positions across the high-tech sector. His deep expertise in operations, sales and marketing, and finance, coupled with exceptional communication skills, enable rapid transformational results at companies with which John works. John is a Fast Company Fast-50 recipient and a finalist for Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year honor. He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

Michael White
Michael is former Associate General Counsel for AT&T Mobility. He has long career experience in strategic partnering and complex global licensing arrangements, including co-directing the integration of AT&T Wireless and Cingular and launching the first Apple iPhone. Michael supported the AT&T Mobility President of Emerging Devices, the CEO of AT&T Mobility, the SVP of Strategy, the Chief Marketing Officer, the SVP of International Roaming, and the SVP of Meter Integration.

Sanjay Kapoor
Sanjay, former Bharti Airtel CEO for India and South Asia, is an established global leader in telecom and allied industries. In 15 years with Bharti Airtel he helped make it India’s number-one telecom provider. Voice and Data named Sanjay “2012 Telecom Person of the Year,” and today he is an active board member at such leading Indian companies as Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd, PVR, and VLCC. Sanjay is also a Senior Advisor with Boston Consulting Group.


Board of Advisors

Tom Farmer, Communications Director
Tom is a former CNN newsman, Executive Producer of Larry King Live, and a winner of George Foster Peabody Award and CableACE awards. Tom combines years of corporate marketing and interactive media expertise with the perspective of a veteran network television journalist. His consultancy, Brick Duck Communications, develops strategic communications for Global 100 companies such as Microsoft Cisco, and eBay. He leads customer experience design initiatives and B2C and B2B strategic research and is a 2019 Cicero Speechwriting Award winner.

Scott Mize, Media Venture Advisor
Scott is a high-tech entrepreneur, venture development executive, and advisor with 30 years of experience in IT and related fields. He provides venture development services to early-stage companies and established corporations in the infotech, nanotech and clean tech spaces and chairs the Board of Advisors of Network Society Ventures, a global venture investment firm. Scott was a principal at the venture catalyst firm Double Impact, which providing business development services to early-stage tech and media companies, and served as CEO of “Zelos!”, an early publisher of personal learning products acquired by Charter Communications.

Ron Zimmerman, Television Production Advisor
Ron produced more than 4,000 live newscasts at CBS, CNN, ABC, and Fox and covered wars in Central America for ITNA and CNN. As a member of the Directors Guild of America, Zimmerman worked for Paramount’s Entertainment Tonight and directed hundreds of segments of America’s Most Wanted, Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, Good Morning America, World News Tonight, 20/20 and Nightline. Correspondents Zimmerman has directed include: Mike Wallace, Chris Wallace, Brian Ross, Bob Woodruff, John Quinones, Sam Donaldson, Geraldo Rivera, Ashleigh Banfield, Campbell Brown, and Major Garrett.