New Workers. New Workplace. New Answer.


The nature of work is changing. Today’s born-digital professionals matured in an interactive, always-on world. Their learning styles are different. Instructional approaches rooted in the last century — videotapes, briefing books, even live lectures — are less and less suited to a 21st century workforce.

  • They expect accurate, current information instantly.

  • They want interactive media.

  • They share and collaborate instinctively.

  • They respond to compact, digestible bursts of content and rich production design.

PlayMakerIQ meets today’s workers where they live. And when learning within the enterprise works better, the organization’s institutional memory thrives better.

Caution: Multi Generations at Work.

Older workers are custodians of critical institutional knowledge. Their communications styles do not always sync with those of Millennial-generation workers. When generations fail to connect, or senior experts retire without sharing, the organization suffers.

But deep, lasting institutional knowledge is a competitive advantage. There is a clear need to support information transfer between Boomer, Gen X, and Millennial subject matter experts, who each favor distinct communication culture. An investment in PlayMakerIQ preserves corporate memory for current and future generations.