Why Evolve the Training Platform?

The nature of work is changing. Rapid advances in information technology, cognitive computing, communications style, mobile technology, and even robotics prove as disruptive as they are productive. In particular, the work and communications styles of Millennial-generation workers do not always sync with those of Boomers.

Those older workers are repositories of critical institutional knowledge. When they retire without sharing it, the organization suffers. Yet the old training paradigms—seminars, manuals, videos—are less and less effective for equipping the next-generation workforce.

PlayMakerIQ is the answer–and the next step.

PlayMakerIQ™ is a mobile learning platform optimized for more efficient, memorable workforce training. Designed for decentralized 21st-century work environments and new employee sensibilities, it helps organizations become more productive, profitable, and sustainable.

Tapping and Sharing Employee Knowledge in the 21st Century

Reliably and securely, PlayMakerIQ synthesizes four essential forces for the benefit of the organization:

  • Adaptive learning, giving each user a personalized, responsive experience.
  • Citizen authorship, giving users the power to annotate, augment and collaborate on institutional knowledge.
  • Cognitive computing—AI, voice and vision, and more—in the hands of employee-users.
  • Open-source information search and retrieval.
Based on your personal talents and expertise, what topic could you teach to others?