Implementation with a Smile

PlayMakerIQ is engineered to work with enterprise IT already in place, not fight it. A disturbing percentage of information management systems procured for the enterprise end up deployed sub-optimally or not at all. This is not that story.


Implementation is defined by a low-lift “wiring phase” and interoperability with existing LMS (learning management systems) or intranets. Short ramp-up time is one more justification of your PlayMakerIQ investment.

Proven Software

PlayMakerIQ platform technology components are tried and proven and come with onboard hack and breach protection, allaying risk and supporting interoperability and scalability.

Use Cases

So PlayMakerIQ fits neatly into the IT landscape. Where does it fit into workflow?

❭ A financial advisor in the field preparing for a client meeting can learn or refresh knowledge of specific products or services.

❭ A remote engineering crew, sent to repair an unfamiliar component, can access the latest technical bulletins.

❭ An airline revising inflight service procedures can notify crews in bases around the world – instantly.

❭ An enterprise HR department can push real-time hiring policy changes out to satellite offices without tedious teleconferences.